Responsive Web App

The Client.

VouchedFor is a client review website for independent financial advisors. They wanted to expand their website so that users could review other business professionals.

The Challenge.

With their successful platform for rating independent financial advisors, VouchedFor had introduced mortgage advisors to their website and wanted to continue expanding into new areas of expertise to make their product multiplatform.
The new platform had to meet the needs of today's users, therefore had to be available on mobile and tablet whilst still being available on traditional desktop and laptop screens.
Their clientele tends towards an older audience, and the new website had to be designed with this in mind, without alienating a potential younger market.

The Solution.

WildSide initially wireframed the way a user would interact with the new website, with particular focus on ensuring the interface would work with all types of professionals. We made some adjustments along the way to provide the best possible user journey, and once this was complete, moved on to the design stage.
We created a graphic design layer over the wireframes, in keeping with the VouchedFor brand, making sure this didn't detract from the overall user experience.
And finally, we went on to develop a responsive HTML5 web application, that launched VouchedFor into their new market of solicitors.