Birds by Colour

iOS & Android App

The Client.

Mike Lambert and Alan Pearson are the co-creators of Birds By Colour, an easy to use bird recognition guide that helps birdwatchers identify the bird that they have seen through the colours on the bird.

The Challenge.

Mike and Alan wanted to discuss the transformation of their book into a mobile app. The pre-existing content needed to be organised into an accessible and modern arrangement so that birdwatchers could identify birds easily. This content included text describing each bird, and 275 unique hand-painted bird illustrations. The app needed to be intuitive and fast ‐ especially with rendering all the high-quality images.

The Solution.

WildSide designed the app with a unique identification mechanism, that made use of both a colour wheel and scrolling bird images that could be quickly scanned through. The app needed to be simple, and we produced simplicity, guaranteeing that the app still benefited from an attractive and innovative design.
With a prototype of the app, we conducted some user testing, and used this research to make sure the finished product was intuitive and accessible, so that each Birds By Colour user could enjoy the app, and their bird watching too!